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1Rockman: Wily Stage 20:52
2VS Wily0:10
4Rockman 3: Needle Man Stage2:15
5Sports News1:25
6 Mega Man's Soccer (Rockman's Soccer) for Super Nintendo
7Neo Parts Reclaimed0:37
8Stage Select (Rockman 3~6)0:34
10Wily Battleship0:08
11Stage 13 (from "MAKAI")2:32
12Ending 1 (Unused)2:11
13BGM1 (from Shade man's Theme)1:32
14All Clear0:08
16Ground Man Stage1:55
17VS Wily0:11
18Game Over0:07
19Skull Man Stage1:47
20Wily Tower: Wily Tower Stage 32:25
21Rockman 3: Stage Clear0:06
22Get a Weapon1:01
23Data Select0:59
24Stage 3 (from Guts man's Theme)1:55
26Capcom Logo0:06
28Stage 12 (from Shade man's Theme)1:51
29Crystal Gate Stage0:43
30Rockman: Wily Stage Boss0:38
31Boss Battle 10:48
32King Stage1:58
33Course Select0:37
34Wily Castle Stage0:57
35King / Wily Battle1:22
36Blues Ending2:28
37Fire man Stage1:18
38Wily Tower: Mega Water S Stage1:33
39File Select0:27
40Komuso Man Stage1:47
41Data Select1:05
42Aircon Man Stage2:18
43Time man Stage1:53
44Rockman 2: Quick Man Stage1:38
46Needle Man Stage1:19
47All Clear0:18
48Get a Weapon0:28
50Dr. Right Lab 1
52Boss Battle1:12
53Dr. Right Lab 21:43
54Yellow Devil1:43
55Dr. Wily0:10
56Rockman: Guts Man Stage1:39
57You Got New Weapon0:29
58Get a Weapon0:32
59Game Over0:09
60Magnet Man Stage1:17
61Get a Weapon0:29
62SE Collection6:20
63Fire Field2:47
64Enker Field2:13
66Stage Clear0:06
67Rockman: Ending1:23
68Stage 11 (from Junk man's Theme)2:02
69Elec man Stage1:33
70Rockman 2: Boss Battle0:47
71Unused 31:04
73Game Start / Dr. Right Lab0:39
74Construction Japan Stage1:49
75Rockman Ending 21:24
76Stage Start0:10
77VS. ~Wily~0:12
78Rockman 3: Blues0:05
79Stage Select1:09
82VS ~Game Start~0:09
83Blues (Long Ver.)0:16
84Boss Battle 10:05
85Stage Clear0:11
86Unused 40:10
88Dr. Right Lab 20:41
89Rockman 2: Stage Clear0:08
90 Rockman The Power Battle for Arcade (CPS2 Board)
91Rockman 3: Wily Stage 21:33
92 Rockman & Forte for the Super Famicom
93Forte Ending 21:20
94BGM3 (from Rockman 2)1:16
95Stage Wily Boss1:45
96Construction Select1:12
97Wood Field2:15
99Dust Field1:55
100Wily Boss1:04
101Stage Starting0:09
102Rock Event0:40
103Cut man1:27
104Pluto Stage2:02
105Unused 21:06
106Goal !0:05
107Wily Capsule1:26
108Wily Tower: Hyper Storm H Stage1:49
110Wily Tower: Ending3:01
111Stage Select0:33
112Bubble man1:42
113Rock Field2:09
114Wily Battleship Stage1:50
115Guts man1:52
116Rockman 3: Wily Stage 11:48
117Rockman: Cut Man Stage1:39
118CHASERS ~Future CITY Course~4:16
120Burner Man Stage1:51
121Stage Select1:17
122Rockman 2: Clash Man Stage2:39
123Duo Ending 10:56
124Mars Stage2:28
125Space Shooting Stage1:24
126Mission Failed0:08
127Shadow Man Stage1:20
128Guts man Stage1:16
129Rockman: Wily Stage 11:18
130ESCAPE ~Cavern Course~3:23
131Ending-Rockman 10:45
132Wily Station0:53
133 Rockman Battle & Fighters for SNK Neo-Geo Pocket
134Rockman: Game Start0:09
135Opening Stage3:58
137Wily Capsule0:29
138Stage Select0:30
139Get a Weapon0:46
140Wily Tower: Boss Battle0:52
142Stage Clear0:07
144 Rockman 2 The Power Fighters for Arcade
145Construction Makaimura Stage2:47
146dUEL ~WILY's Base Course~3:37
147Wily Tower: Wily Tower Map0:12
149Charge Man Stage2:38
150Compas Man Stage2:15
151Bright Man Stage1:20
154Centaur man1:59
155 Rockman Battle & Chase for PlayStation One
156Drill Man Stage1:45
157Ice man Stage1:29
159Ground Man Stage2:00
160Astro Man Stage2:35
161Title / Opening2:22
162SE Collection1:48
163Player / Stage Select0:38
164Stage Select (Rockman 7)0:47
165Rockman 2: Stage Select0:36
166Burner Man Stage1:55
167Stage Wily Capsule1:29
169Here goes! (PS original sound) ~Setting Machine DEMO~1:34
170Story Demo1:55
171Stage Select (Rockman 1~2)0:27
172Stage 5 (from Gemini man's Theme)2:41
173Fire Man Stage1:04
174Stage Start0:09
175Ending 12:00
176Dive Man Stage1:39
177King Stage1:59
178Rockman 3: Wily Stage Map0:32
181Stage 9 (from Slash man's Theme)1:46
182Boss Battle1:10
184Stage Wily Boss1:46
186Oil man Stage1:55
187Wily Machine Number 1 (2nd form)1:16
188Blues (Short Ver.)0:06
190Napalm Man Stage1:50
193Duo Ending 21:41
194Dive man1:43
196Ice Man Stage1:22
198Gemini Man Stage2:04
199Stage 4 (from Gyro man's Theme)2:39
200Are you gloomy? ~Toy's Factory Course~3:19
202Unused 10:42
203Bomb man Stage1:56
204Opening Stage2:59
205Rockman: Ice Man Stage1:12
206Mecha Dragon2:34
207Rockman 2: Bubble Man Stage1:36
208Stage 2 (from Clash man's Theme)2:40
210Dark Moon Stage / Wily Star Stage2:28
211Game Over0:31
212 Rockman & Forte: Mirai kara no Chousensha for the Bandai WonderSwan
213Stage Start0:08
214Dr. Right Lab 10:32
215Rockman Shadow Stage2:09
216SE Collection1:50
217ROCKMAN BATTLE&CHASE (Over The Top) ~Title Demo~0:07
218Data Select0:52
219Rockman: Elec Man Stage1:37
220Napalm man1:42
221Rockman 2: Wily Stage 23:04
222Clock Men Stage2:48
223Boss Battle0:55
225 Extra Track
226Unused 11:27
227Data Base1:50
228Rockman 2: Game Over0:06
229Rockman 3: Staff Roll2:15
230Stage Starting0:10
231あ~ 男一代 (Game version) ~GUTS MAN Special Ending~「ロックマン バトル&チェイス」より1:12
232You Got a New Weapon!0:17
233Rockman 3: Snake Man Stage1:33
234Stage 10 (from Freeze man's Theme)2:28
235Unused 31:18
236Elec Man Stage1:51
237Opening Stage ~Theme of Rockman~2:00
238Stage Select 11:01
239Final Battle1:39
241Stage Select0:38
242Game Over0:08
243Wily Castle / Wily Station0:11
244Stage 13 (from "MAKAI")2:52
245Rush Space1:59
246Rockman 2: Heat Man Stage1:10
247Player Select0:34
248dancing the eyes ~Mountain Course~4:11
249Air man1:56
250Rockman 3: Get a Weapon1:04
251Cut Man Stage1:46
253Jupiter Stage1:43
254Ballade Battle / Esacpe1:17
255Stone Man Stage1:34
256Cut man Stage1:36
257Rockman Ending 10:38
258Rockman 3: Game Over / Continue0:38
261Crystal Gate Stage0:41
262Slash man1:39
263Rockman 3: Shadow Man Stage2:16
264Opening Stage3:59
265Boss Battle1:07
266Get Beat0:39
267You Got New Weapon / Countinue1:13
268Field Select0:33
269Stage Clear0:08
270Stage 5 (from Gemini man's Theme)2:40
271Stage Select 20:40
272Rockman 3: Hard Man Stage1:43
273Wood Man Stage1:19
274Magic Man Stage3:36
275 Mega Man & Bass (Rockman & Forte) for the GameBoy Advance
276Ending 2 (Unused)1:56
277Snake Man Stage1:33
278Rockman 3: Ending1:43
280You Got a New Character0:07
281Wily Stage1:18
282Quick man1:53
283Cold Man Stage2:16
284Title / Wily Station Stage1:30
285Password / Tournament0:36
286Hard Man Stage1:42
287Rockman: Boss Battle0:36
288Wily Station Stage1:36
289Rockman 2: Get a Weapon0:24
290Stage Select (Rockman 7)0:46
291Skull Field2:11
292Wily Stage1:15
293Wily Machine Number 1 (1st form)1:14
294Needle Field2:18
295Rockman: Bomb Man Stage1:25
296Get a Weapon0:40
297Ending-Rockman 21:31
298Game Over0:13
299Heat man1:47
300Stage Start0:06
301Data Base3:33
302Forte Ending 11:18
303Dynamo Man Stage5:00
304 Mega Man IV (Rockman World 4) for GameBoy
305Space Rulers / Wily Star0:34
306SE Collection0:49
307Final Battle1:23
308Stage Wily Machine0:50
309Construction Halloween Stage1:08
310Stage Wily Machine0:52
311Stage 12 (from Shade man's Theme)1:52
312Stage 6 (from Shadow man's Theme)2:00
313Wily Station Stage1:30
314All Clear0:10
315Stage 3 (from Guts man's Theme)1:54
316Gemini man2:42
317Stage 8 (from Cloud man's Theme)2:16
319Wily Castle Stage3:25
320Player Select0:38
321Rockman 3: Stage Select0:31
322Rockman 3: Magnet Man Stage1:22
324Elec Field2:04
325Elec man1:13
326Over The Top (dance Mix version) ~Staff Roll DEMO 2~2:18
327Mad Grinder1:57
328Weapon Select / Shop1:16
329Spark Man Stage1:17
330Wily Tower: Stage Select0:34
331Stone man1:30
332the straight out (PS original sound) ~Character Select~1:34
333Stage Wily Capsule1:28
334Stage 10 (from Freeze man's Theme)2:26
335Rockman 2: Metal Man Stage1:36
336Pharaoh man1:58
337 Mega Man II (Rockman World 2) for GameBoy
338Rockman 3: Wily Stage Boss0:50
339Gyro man2:37
341Cold Man Stage2:21
343Stage 2 (from Clash man's Theme)2:36
344風よ 伝えて (Game version) ~ROLL Special Ending~「ロックマン バトル&チェイス」より2:49
345Rockman 3: All Stages Clear0:08
346Magic Man Stage4:10
347Wily Event0:35
348Game Over0:26
349King / Wily Battle1:24
350All Clear0:13
351Ending-Rockman 10:47
352Boss Battle0:47
353Ending / Data Base2:27
354Neptune Stage2:02
355Stage 1 (from Napalm man's Theme)1:48
356Game Over0:35
357Wily Station0:38
358King Castle0:07
359Formation Selection0:35
360Boss Battle 20:48
361Sun God1:01
362Wily Tower: Wily Tower Stage 11:57
364Rockman 3: Spark Man Stage1:17
365Rockman: Game Over0:05
368Stage 11 (from Junk man's Theme)2:03
370 Rockman The Power Battle for Arcade (CPS1 Board)
372Rockman 2: Title0:44
373Wily Tower: All Stages Clear0:12
374Stage Select0:41
375Wily Tower: Stage Clear0:07
376Wily Tower: Game Start0:07
377 Wily & Right no Rock Board That's☆Paradise for Nintendo Famicom (Japan)
378Mission Clear0:09
379Kick Off0:09
380Uranus Stage1:17
381Plant man2:34
382Pirate Man Stage2:22
383Pharaoh Field2:11
384 Mega Man V (Rockman World 5) for GameBoy
385Stage Select0:40
386Weapon Get0:38
388Wily Field2:25
389Blues Field2:03
390Stage 9 (from Slash man's Theme)1:43
391Construction Christmas Stage2:19
392Rockman: Fire Man Stage1:13
393Shadow man1:57
394dimension shift ~Sky Course~3:33
395Over The Top (Piano Solo version) ~Staff Roll DEMO 1~1:47
396Clash Man Stage1:48
397Saturn Stage1:37
398Dangan Man Stage4:26
400Top Man Stage1:18
401Wily Tower: Wily Tower Stage 42:04
402 Mega Man Powered Up (Rockman Rockman) for PlayStation Portable
403Venus Stage1:17
404Rockman 3: Title1:36
405soon... (PS original sound) ~Introducing Course DEMO~0:58
407Boss Battle1:09
408Konro Man Stage2:01
409Stage 6 (from Shadow man's Theme)1:59
410Rockman 2: All Stages Clear0:12
411Tengu Man Stage1:50
412Stage 4 (from Gyro man's Theme)2:41
413Wily Tower: Buster Rod G Stage2:05
414Wily Machine1:25
415Story Demo0:55
416Rockman 2: Opening0:41
417Ending-Rockman 21:29
418Rockman 3: Gemini Man Stage2:09
419Unused 41:13
420Rockman 2: Wily Stage 12:46
421Wily Castle Stage 11:23
422BGM2 (from Cut man's Theme)1:28
423 Mega Man: The WIiy Wars (Rockman Mega World) for Sega Genesis / Sega Channel
424Rockman 3: Top Man Stage1:47
425Shade man1:48
426Dust Man Stage1:20
427Player Select0:39
428Wily Tower: Game Over0:06
429Astro Man Stage2:31
430Rockman 2: Wood Man Stage1:26
431Cut Field2:25
432Get a Weapon0:47
433Rockman: Stage Select0:29
434You Got New Weapon0:28
436Rockman: Stage Clear0:09
437Rockman 2: Flash Man Stage1:33
440Stage 7 (from Rockman 7)1:50
441Rockman 2: Game Start0:10
442Tengu Man Stage1:51
443Crystal Man Stage1:55
444Pharaoh Man Stage1:33
445Rockman 3: Boss Battle1:13
446Metal Man Stage1:14
447 Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Rockman World) for the GameBoy
448Rockman 2: Continue0:27
450Roll Rescue0:42
451Wily Castle Stage 21:23
452Mercury Stage1:44
453ROCKMAN BATTLE&CHASE (Over The Top) ~Opening Demo~1:00
454Stage Clear (Unused)0:06
455Get A Flash Stopper!! (ROCKMAN 4)4:23
457Boss Battle 21:23
458Charenge [sic] Mode0:41
459Rockman 3: Game Start0:09
461Toad Man Stage1:19
462Stage Start0:11
463Stage Select 21:02
464Wily Castle / Wily Station0:06
465Pirate Man Stage2:18
466Player Select / Stage Select0:40
467Stage 7 (from Rockman 7)1:55
468Stage Clear0:05
469Rockman 2: Air Man Stage1:42
470Rockman 2: Ending1:02
471secret party ~Space Course~3:32
473Rockman 2: Staff Roll1:06
474Stage 1 (from Napalm man's Theme)1:46
475Wily Robo Iron Golem0:27
476Rockman 3: Wily Stage 31:36
477SE Collection4:48
478Stage Clear0:04
479Wily Tower: Wily Tower Stage 21:44
480Ending 22:30
481 Mega Man III (Rockman World 3) for GameBoy
482Wily Castle0:12
483Air Man Stage1:41
484Wily Castle Boss Battle1:10
485Player Select0:37
486Rockman 2: Wily Stage Map0:10
488Mega Man 8 Opening Theme「Mega Man 8」より1:32
489standing over there ~Ordnance Factory Course~3:48
490Unused 21:14
491Stage Select (Rockman 1~2)0:37
492レゲーカード / アンラッキー0:06
493Ring Man Stage1:38


  • Composed ByAkari Kaida, Harumi Fujita, Kenichi Tomizawa, Kenji Yamazaki, Kinuyo Yamashita, Koji Murata, Makoto Tomozawa, Manami Matsumae, Mari Yamaguchi, Minae Fujii, Naoshi Mizuta, Norihiko Togashi, Takashi Tateishi, Toru Osada, Toshihiko Horiyama, Toshio Okamoto, Yasuaki Fujita, Yoshinori Ono, Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara


Track 8-05 "Plant man" isn't Plant Man's theme but Crash Man's. This error on the Power Fighters Soundtrack tracklisting wasn't corrected when the standlone album was brought over to be part of this box.

Track 8-09 "Centaur man" isn't Centaur Man's Theme, it's actually Junk Man's Theme from Mega Man 7. This error on the Power Fighters Soundtrack tracklisting wasn't corrected when the standlone album was brought over to be part of this box.

Track 8-26 "Quick man" isn't Quick Man's theme, it's actually a remix of "Boss" from Mega Man 2. This error on the Power Fighters Soundtrack tracklisting wasn't corrected when the standlone album was brought over to be part of this box.


The Rockman Battle & Chase Soundtrack on disc 9 is not comprehensive; the tracks present only make up a small portion of the score which was given it's own two-disc release in 1997.


  • Barcode: 4 976219 059763


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Various - Rockman Sound Box 2 MP3
Performer: Various
Genre: TV
Title: Rockman Sound Box 2
Country: Japan
Released: 2014
MP3 album: 2567 mb
FLAC album: 1193 mb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 517
Source: 10 × CD
№ Cat: CPCA-10362~71
Label: Suleputer